3 cities

LANDSCAPE CHOREOGRAPHY is an interdisciplinary research project, which involves partners from 3 European countries/cities: Italy/Taranto, Germany/Cottbus and Romania/Cluj-Napoca.
The cities involved in the project are quite heterogeneous if considered in the light of their recent history, but they present high similarities looking at following aspects:

• High necessity of urban renovation
• Massive presence of abandoned spaces or fields with no social destination (e.g.
because of a massive de-industrialization)
• Social conflicts and unemployment
• Population decline and consequent shrinking of the city
• High potential of development on regional scale

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All three cities are revealing spontaneous practices both of redefinition of their identity and of re-appropriation of the urban spaces. LANDSCAPE CHOREOGRAPHY recognizes these as a strategic contribution to the recovery of abandoned areas. Starting from the observation of citizen’s spontaneous activities and needs of reappropriation of unused or degraded urban public spaces, the project provides resources, languages and skills to meet these needs, suggests and fosters solutions, and finally creates an international network of subjects for these “productive wastelands”.

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