5 phases

dig up logo• To dig up

1st – 8th month.
This is the phase of “testing the ground”, to promote mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue between citizens, groups and organizations with different backgrounds, as well as to start the planning process .The anthropological and urban landscape research will discuss the possible synergies between local communities and will identify the history of each selected area, its current use and its meaning at the European level. The first workshop will include an interdisciplinary survey aiming to define the peculiarities of each place, the technical feasibility of landscape interventions and a site-specific artistic proposal. Public debates sponsored by the co-organizers will be held.

to seed logo • To seed
8th – 11th month
This is the phase of sowing where intercultural skills and active participation will be fostered. Furthermore, civic responsibility will be encouraged and the importance and role of urban gardens will be stressed. The second workshop will include both laboratories of landscape and of performative arts,
which will be in constant dialogue with one another. The areas will be seeded (practically as well as metaphorically) by the network of partners created in the first phase and according to a methodology established in the first workshop. The action will end with a ‘seeding performance’. The aim is to create the first project of shared space (urban garden)and to guarantee its accessibility and utilisation.

to mantein logo • To maintain
11-14th month.
This phase will consolidate the cultural dialogue, the sense of civic responsibility and the perception of culture as catalyst for creativity. The investigation on the possibilities to improve the urban gardens will generate concrete solutions. The areas will be implemented according to the needs of the local community and through the creation of spaces aimed at ensuring the use of the urban gardens by different kind of users (seats, open air cinema, stages, skate areas…). The planning of “Harvest fest”,
the event that will take place in the following phase, will start . Each local partner will take the responsibility to supervise the new urban gardens activities, assuring a territorial continuity beyond the workshop period.

to crop logo • To crop
14 – 17th month
The spaces will be transformed for the final performance. The performances prepared during the previous phases will be put on stage in the spaces set up for the occasion. The harvest will be celebrated with a ‘Harvest Festival’ including live performances, parties, dinners in the gardens, installations, screenings, public debates The crop phase in Taranto will be implemented with an international meeting where the interdisciplinary team and representatives of local organizations will convene to share the process and to participate actively in the workshop. The Harvest Festival in Taranto will also host all the performances made in Cottbus and in Cluj-Napoca, guaranteeing the mobility of project artistic productions. The multimedia artistic production of each country will be displayed in Taranto through an exposition during the Festival. This will allow to show the experiences drawn from all 3 locations and to share the “contamination” that has already happened and that is in progress.

to continue logo • To continue
17th – 24th month
The anthropological and urban-landscape research will produce a report about the results of the entire process and its possible developments. A final report will retrace the project’s trajectory to develop a methodology for future pilot projects as well as to consolidate the network of partners. The project will be promoted through academic seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences. The website will be updated on a regular basis to serve as a platform for exchange, allowing the network of partners to set up opportunities to continue the collaboration.

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